Friday, September 10, 2010

The story of Skutt the moose and little princess Tuvstarr

Photo: TA

Like moste children I was amazed by fairytales about princesses. I remember my mothers grandfather used to sit in his chair and tell us about the Nordic gods and of the trolls in the woods. All of us children was sitting on the floor looking up at him by the fireplace. He was a great storyteller.

One story that I always loved is "The story of Skutt the moose and little princess Tuvstarr". But what I never got was what sort of parents she had? Who didn´t recognize her with out her golden heart.
Still as a grown up, I love this story.

The name of the painting is; Tuvstarr is still sitting there wistfully looking into the water.

You should read this story...

The pictures in the book is made by my favorite artist John Bauer. His small paintings are so spellbinding.

This artist has inspired me to many things in my artistic and thoughtful way in life. So I made a photosession inspired by this wonderful man (Johan Bauer).

a small piece from the book...

..........Many years have gone since then. Tuvstarr is still sitting looking wondering down into the water for her heart. The princess is gone. There is just a little white flower with Tuvstarr's name on the edge of the tarn. Now and then the moose is coming back, looking at the little one. He is the only one who knows who she is. Tuvstarr, the princess. Then she perhaps smiles- he is an old friend- but follow him she will not do, she cannot as long as the magic is binding her. The magic is lying down there. Far, far down there is a heart that is lost.

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Tatiana said...

I think you re created the pic in a gorgeous way!
I love John Bauer too!

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