Wednesday, October 13, 2010


It´s been a sunny and nice fall so far. I´m glad to just put on those hiking bots and just walk around in the sunny woods. I also taken up my yoga practice that I have missed a lot. I feel awesome and next month I hope to take some time of, from the study and have a photoshot. WHAT ABOUT THAT? ;P

Photo: PeterM, summer 2010
Model: Anunnaki
Red: Anunnaki

Right about now i´m planing a Halloween party and it´s really fun. And I´m Invited to several party's the day after. So it´s gonna be an awesome weekend. I just LOVE Halloween...
It´s just a tiny problem, I cant decide what to dress like, Sexy devil, angel, just some creepy dead person??? Hhm, it´s so hard to choose...

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