Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cranky but hopeful

Photo: Dick Andersson
Model: Anunnaki
Red : Anunnaki

Sometimes I get just a little bit pissed... Something has happen with my account in school and one of my courses has been erased, so I guess im not taking music-law this semester :( No one seem to know what have happen but it is like i never got excepted or registered to the course, but i have done both. I was so looking forward to take that course and I planed it for a long time now. Bu-hu on me...

Lucky for you, I now have more time for shoting some fun sessions...

Halloween is coming up and I have kinda two party's to attend. On Friday I will go to a kid-party, were Im gonna scare the shit out of them :-D Mohaha! I think Im gonna go as a dead girl with a sliced throat.
On Saturday I´m invited to a (not to close) friend who will have her birthday party at the same time. But Im not sure what to wear. Princess Leia or catwoman???

My nerdy-gene says Leia and my women-gene screams catwoman (but were will i put all the hair under the mask? :-S)

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Anonymous said...

I definitely think you should go with your nerdy gene! And take pictures! :D


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