Thursday, October 21, 2010

This day has been ironically-Crappy!!!!

Why didn't I just pull my covers back over my head this morning? Why did I get up???

First of all I have a ear infection and it kind a hurts and it gets me a nasty as well.
So I actually had a reason not to get up. But silly me thought it´s better to do something good with the day anyway.

I get up, get dressed and looked out of the window and realize that winter is early this year. IT`S FRACKN SNOWING OUTSIDE! Eeek!!! I really don´t like the cold weather and I wish it could be summer all year long (not crazy hot, just nice and warm).

I put a hat and mittens on and got out. Brrrr!!!!!

Got in my car and drown down town.. And, BANG!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT THE ****!!!!!

One of my tires exploded wile i was driving, Oh man, this cant be real? In the middle of a traffic circle.
No traffic jam making , no, no. Not me..... surreal!!!

My normally nice mood is getting tested.

But I change tire and got on my way.

The reason i got in my car was that i had to buy some acrylic color for a painting. But I couldn't find it. I was looking in stores for hours and it´s like its not "hip" to use that sort of color at the moment. WHAT A...... Please give me a break... I need just those 2 colors and to get them I have to order them or take a trip to Gothenburg.

I´m home now. Wondering if the roof is gonna fall of in my poor head. It is kind of a hard wind blowing outside at the moment.

Now I think I will take move my butt to the sofa and take a blanket over me and just see a movie. But in that irony the wind is probably taking out the electricity... You know what, I dont care, then i go to the dreamworld. Days like this should not exist.

To morrow is a new better day, see ya.

Photo: Dick Andersson, 2010
Model: Anunnaki

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Anonymous said...

I hope today was a much, much better day. :)


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