Thursday, November 11, 2010

Treo :-/

Me modeling for the metalband Wolf in 2009.
Photo: TA
Red: Anunnaki

I woke up today all sick (again). But at least it explain why i felt so moody yesterday.
I just drank a glass of Treo, which is an effervescent pill for pain and fever. OMG!!! It taste like poison. But my head starts to feel a bit better now. So I guess it was worth it.

It seems like I´m not going to Karlstad next week. The location that i was supposed to shoot on has not been booked. I dont just wanna go and take the chance that everything will work out. It cost me way to much money in gas and accommodation for just taking a chance. It´s really pity because i really wanned to shoot this set. - Pin-Up Punk Rock and Goth Girls
Punk Rock Pinup Girls
Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Slushy snow and this constantly dark

Photo: PeterM
Session: Before the dawn

Why is it so dark?
Why is it that winter are so cold?

I cant stand this crap.

I´m sitting here dreaming of summer and a hot sun, fun times and love on the beach.

That is life...

Not this slushy snow and this constantly dark.
Thursday, November 4, 2010


Urban Legend

The legends of the ghost house are old. The story has been told for many generations with horror for the ones who heard it.

Embla was a hard-boiled young woman who always looked for new adventures in life. She had heard of the legends of the house when she was a young girl. But who believes in that sort of things? She made a bet with her friends the night before; she would visit the house and prove that there was nothing scary there.

The old house was located desolate on the heath close to the forest, far from the city. In a distance the house just look alone and abandoned.

But when she got closer to the house she got a feeling of being watched. -I´m just silly, she mumble to herself. -Just my imagination.

The house was boarded up and the windows and doors nailed shut. And someone had put a sign outside; VARNING, the house is not safe! Anyone should understand that, this house could fall down any minute now, Embla thought to herself.

The feeling of being watched was there all the time. But Embla just shook the thought of and started to take away the boards to get in the house. It was a tough job and the nails were rusty and imbedded into the old wood. But a girl like Embla won't give up easy. One after the other the boards came loose and after a while the hole was big enough to crawl through.

The old house had been empty for a very long time, perhaps a homeless had been there to seek shelter from the cold in the winter. There were trash and dirt all over the house. The wallpaper had fallen down or being torn down by someone. She now understood why this house had it reputation of being a haunted. This was a classical ghost house.

Suddenly she heard a noise. She turned around quickly. It was a jar that felt from a shelf. How come it fell from there, she asked herself. It most has been standing in the edge and when I broke up the boards I must have rocked it, there's no wind in here, and she told herself to calm down.

Suddenly there were was an ice cold wind going through the house, Embla started to shiver. Ugh! It is even colder in here then it is outside, she mumbled. But something wasn't right. The cold touched her and she could feel that she was NOT alone in the room. Someone stood next to her, watching her.

-Hallo, she said. But no answer came.

She walked around in the old kitchen and she felt the presence of someone else. It was a strange feeling. It occurred to her that she didn't feel scared but more of an arousing feeling went through her body.

Embla felt a slow caress on her cheek that past down over her arm and hand. In front of her a woman appeared, in a magical light, she was so beautiful. Embla was to excite to feel scared.

She thought about her friends who did not dare to enter the house of the legend, it was ironic, she didn't even believe in ghosts, and there she was, standing right in front of the most beautiful creature she had ever seen. The woman had this vibrating energy, she said nothing, but Embla knew, this was Anunnaki that the legends spoke of.

Carefully Anunnaki pulled her pearl white fingers through Emblas midnight black hair, and then her fingers slowly started to pull of Emblas top. Her breast was now bare, and her nipples hard from the cold and arousement.

Embla felt a shock going through her chest and all of the sudden they were standing in the hallway, the stairs stood dusty and filthy, but none of them cared anymore.
Embla unbuttoned Anunnakis dress and let is slowly fall down on the dusty stairs.

Anunnakis pearl white skin was now naked and Embla took of her short jeans skirt. Her cute pink lace panties were the only thing covering her body now.

They went back to the kitchen where they first met, Anunnaki started to pull of Emblas panties and then she kissed her.

Slowly and careful at first, but then the kiss started to become a hot passionate act. Embla felt the sweat weave of satisfaction.

Anunnaki smiled, but Embla saw that this was not a friendly smile on her lips. She did not understand what was happening.

Anunnaki had grabbed her hand and Embla started to feel her soul being pulled out of her body, she felt like if her body slowly started to lose its existence. A feeling of eternity took an iron grip around her body and she felt like if she was devoured. She looked at her hand, it was slowly disappearing...

- What is going on, she screamed, but Anunnaki just stood there, smiling.

The legend tells of a female ghost that can take human form in contact with the living. Embla had only laughed at this, and now her faith was to wait until the end of times or to seduce the next victim that entered the house to set herself free.

Photo:Dick Andersson
Set: Urban Legend, 2009
Model: Embla & Anunnaki

To see all photos in Urban Legend, join SuicideGirls. - Pin-Up Punk Rock and Goth Girls
Punk Rock Pinup Girls
Tuesday, November 2, 2010


We have a similar bikini ;-P

Me, Anunnaki, Photo: Dick Andersson

Jamie Bradford is Playboy's Cyber Girl of the Month for July 2010
Monday, November 1, 2010


So what did you do for Halloween?

I went to a kid party with lots of demons, warlocks and witches :-) But the best was all the candy and cookies.

I was planing on going to a party on Saturday but i must admit that the kid-party on Friday was a bit to much for me. It felt like i had been on a 3-days festival drinking like a beast the day after. I never thought I would feel like that after a kid-party. But i had lots of fun.

I made some masks for Halloween ;-P

Mask 1, Scarecrow

Mask 2, Reaper

Mask 3, Witch

The pumpkin ready to be lighted.

There also came a real scarecrow to the party, steeling the candy...




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