Monday, February 28, 2011

Fetisch party people

Here is some photos from Saturday on the FPP, were I was "walking like a cat... This is just from my camera in the VIP aria.

On my way to club in Gothenburg.

*** and Nancy getting ready for the fashion show.

Tola and Nancy is planning a secret surprise

Tola show us the surprise :-)

Nurse Nancy heals you from all ailments.

*** and I are in the VIP making ready for the show...........

I´m checking out *** from behind <3 WOW!!!!!!!!
(and .. haha this photo is in fact a proof that I do not always get a great picture :-S).....

Shame on me, but I have forgotten the sweet schoolgirl´s name :-( Please tell me if you know her.
Seems like Tola can not stop sucking on the big ....

Nancy is handing out discounts and VIP cards to the visitors of FPP Club.

More photos are coming......

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