Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Super moon

Will the super- moon Marsh 19 trigger more natural disasters?

The term super-moon was coined by astrologer Richard Noll 1979th. The moon's orbit around the Earth is not circular but elliptical. This means that it is sometimes further away, sometimes closer. When the moon is closest to Earth it is called a super moon.
The Super Moon next week, coinciding with the full moon, which only occurs every two or three years. During one such occasion sees the lunar surface appear to be 14% larger and 30% lighter for those who see the moon from Earth.

Astrologers claim that super-moons that occurred in 1955, 1974, 1992 and 2005 coincided with extreme weather events, writes Daily Mail.

But while astrologers believe that the super-moons creates havoc on Earth, so the scientific community is skeptical. First, the moon just today on its maximum distance from Earth. Secondly, it is about small differences in the moon's distance from Earth:

- It is possible that the moon is a mile or two closer to the Earth at its closest, but it is a very modest difference, "says space historian David Harland told the Daily Mail.

The astrologers do not agree. According to Richard Noll caused the latest super-moon - 18 February - the earthquake that hit New Zealand on 22 February.

- Even a super moon that are not in maximum short distance means that we have a significant impact, says Noll.

The Australian astronomer David Reneke counters:

- If there is an effort very much can be temporarily associated with almost any natural disaster anywhere with anything in the night sky - a comet, a planet or the sun, he says.

This is one of my first photo sessions. I have design and sewn the dress and has also woven fabric in the cloak. It was my diploma work in textile science.

Photo & Retouch: TA, 2007
Session: Elf
Model: Anunnaki

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