Monday, March 28, 2011

Today I fixed me...

After years of planning, I have now finally taken myself by the collar and removed some moles. Why keep them, when i really hate them. So now they are gone and I dont have to see them again (I hope). I was at Alfa Beauty in Borås, and the staff are really nice. I will go back there next month and "make me a fix" then to...
The worst thing is that when you go in a beauty shop/ clinic, is that I always see something more i wanna do. I would like to do some skin treatments, that would be so nice. There are always something to fix. ...if I only had all the money in the world.

Also i got 2 packages today from U.S.A and Germany. Really good bargains that i got on Tradera (ebay).
What about this ones 1 Swedish kronor

...or this catsuit for 290Skr

I hope to dress up for you really soon.

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