Saturday, March 12, 2011

The truth is out there...

I keep wondering over WHY the Swedish government wants to built new nuclear power stations in this country. Not like we have lot of earthquakes but catastrophes is happening everywhere, even by humans.

Like most of you already heard it has been an Earthquake in Japan, which not only harmed the people and the country itself.
Today, this Saturday morning a meltdown was feared to have occurred on a nuclear power station near the Tokyo area (which is home to around 30 million people), witnesses heard an explosion from the area and the white smoke rose into the sky. We have also seen the scene on TV and the Internet.
The problems in the nuclear power plant in Fukushima 1, Japan, continues on Saturday morning.
Fukushima plant had problems with the cooling, and on Saturday morning the Japan's radiation protection alert the authority that it is feared a meltdown.
The explosion at the Fukushima 1 atomic power plant raised fears of a nuclear catastrophe in Japan, following a massive earthquake and tsunami a day earlier. Japanese government officials urged calm, saying the plant's core was not affected by the powerful explosion.

Some theories is that the earthquake was staged from a facility like HAARP or a work of the Project Blue Beam.

Session: Solstice
Photo: Ulf Olsson, 2010
Make up: Linda Hellström
Model & Retouch: Anunnaki

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