Wednesday, April 6, 2011

...and that is why i feel like a bunny all spring...

Serotonin, melatonin and oxytocin ...
There you have spring feelings in a nutshell. The butterflies you fell in the body when the sun finally peeps out is almost just chemistry.

Spring Fever comes with the light from the sun. It affects our moods and we become happier -and it becomes like a positive spiral.
The sunbeams has a clear physical effect. In addition to stimulating pigment and makes us a bit browner, the body activates important hormones. As the sleep hormone melatonin.
Much melatonin makes us sleepy. The substance produced by the pineal gland in the brain during the night. In winter, the nights longer and darker, and we get higher amounts of melatonin.
Spring light inhibits melatonin production, and we feel more energized. We will also fall easier in love. Melatonin affects the sex hormones adversely. It is difficult to become pregnant during the winter's heavy melatonin period. In the spring, increases fertility again.

Like lust. Sunlight stimulates the production of vitamin D in the skin. Vitamin D boosts the immune system and helps prevent osteoporosis. But there are also studies indicating that vitamin D3 facilitates ovulation and perhaps with the fertilization of the egg.
... and to conceive one must have a male. Therefore, increasing the chance that you fall in love in the spring.

Our emotional life is regulated by the vital neurotransmitters in the central nervous system.

1. Serotonin, which is related to melatonin, is associated with welfare. For low concentrations gives aggression, appetite disturbance and dissatisfaction.

2. Dopamine regulates how satisfied you feel.

3. Noradrenaline is important for our degree of alertness and attention!

The balance between these substances control our moods. When we feel good it is the right amount of all substances.

No one knows exactly what is happening in the body when the feeling of spring fever is getting you. And the extreme molecular research is not always relevant to understanding the whole picture.
Spring fever is not only depending on the light. Although the heat.
Solar heating is one component that is easy to forget. It has a stimulating effect, in a completely different way than an element. Sunlight is like a touch and gives a comfortable feeling that sets in motion oxytocin system. Oxytocin is a hormone that is excreted when we are happy and in love. We become calmer, more open and social.

Spring light sets in motion the whole of nature. It's a massive explosion of life...

...and that is why I feel like a bunny during the spring...

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