Saturday, April 9, 2011

- ID please, we do not sell to anyone under 20.

A funny thing happened today when I was buying some wine. As I stood at the counter and would pay, the cashier looked at me and stopped. And she said; - ID please, we do not sell to anyone under 20.
OMG!!!! Haha, I´m a "bit" older then that...

Here is some casual photos taken outside Cozmoz i Borlänge.

Photo: Jerry Magnumfotografen Porsbjer 2009

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Anonymous said...


I've been browsing your posts for almost 30 minutes right now -I found your blog after reading about Anunnaki on Wikipedia- and I must tell that you look very beautiful and sexy on all of your pictures (you already know that), but I think my favorites are the pictures in this post, especially the third one. I assume that's the way you look when you're going out, and I like that.

I would be lying if I didn't mention anyother picture that I liked from you: it's the one in the shower ( ). I've seen pictures of girls in the shower before, but yours is completely different, completely new, completley lovable.

Cheers from Mexico,


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