Thursday, April 7, 2011

Some days can just become better and better.

Session: Sleeping beauty, 2008
Im so impressed to see how fast my hair grows, My hair is now over my shoulders and will probably in the end of the summer reach my waist. I´m glad not all the body hair grows like that on me. Then I would look like Chewbacca.

This morning I was woken up by the doorbell that rang four times. It was only shortly after 8, so I thought obviously it was something important and walked out of my warm bed to open the door. There stood my creepy neighbor and say; Paaardooon maaaam! With his dragging voice.
Yuk, he actually rang the door to woke me up, and for what? Did he think I would get happy over that. All I said was NO! and slammed the door like a teenager.

I live in an apartment building where all the neighbors share a laundry room and every one got there own basement store.
And every time Im down washing or doing something, he is always sneaking up from behind. He is really creepy and he scare the shit out off me.
Anyway I got really pissed at him and there were no meaning of going back to bed. So I turns on the computer and got so happy over over a wonderful mail. A facebook friend, Tim Sweeney had made me a wonderful page on his sight were he wrote some about me/ Anunnaki. I got so happy that even the sun came up and showed it self (it´s been really bad weather lately)and I totally forgot about my creepy neighbor.
I´m on "model4us" page and please check it out... He even made a livestrem link for me. But i dont have many videos yet. i guess i have to make some now ;-P

Thank you Tim...

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