Saturday, May 21, 2011

One more time- Hammerfall

All photos is taken by my mobile, so its not really a good quality on the photos. But i thought it would be fun to show you something from the making of the Hammerfall video "One more time" made by Patric Ullaeus.

Hammerfall - One more time
From the Infected cd- 2011
Directed by Patric Ullaeus
Copywrite: Nuclear Blast records

Zorsha send me an invite and asked if i could consider to be a zombie in a rock video. OMG! That is cool. Of course i wanna do that. So i took a dress and boiled it in tea (so it would look dirty and old).

I'm probably also classified as an moron by my neighbors, after smear out my dress in a great big mud puddle outside my house. :-)

Starting the make-up at home. Here I have glued with ordinary school glue, small pieces of toilet paper in my face. This is to make my skin look rotten.

First layer of foundation over the paper. Using a darker foundation where the wounds are going to be.

Make-up ready and Im on my way to Gothenburg. Oh no one was staring at me....

There were a lot of infected zombies out side the studio trying to break in ;-P
(in this photo: Sara Larsson, Elisabeth Lindström, Emelie Zorsha , Baby-Zombie, Malphas Corpsegrinder).

..and here i sit in the sun beams. I actually look a bit like I usually do when I wake in the morning (and feel)...

There were a lot of hot chicks there...
(In the photo Idun Lyman).

Me in the dressing room. Fix´n me up ;-P

Zorsha as the mother Zombie ;-)

At the set. The zombies are taking over.... We are so gonna get this guy´s...

Everyone wanna see the scene that was recorded.
(In this photo: Fredric Larsson, Joacim Cans, Partic Ullaeus with the zombies)

2 zombies escaped with the bus, and now spreading the Hammerfall´s infected all around the world ;-P
(in the photo: Elisabeth Lindström and Anunnaki)

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