Sunday, May 1, 2011

Walpurgis Night

Yesterday we Swed´s celebrated Walpurgis. Walpurgis Night is celebrated at the last day of April, now days we celebrate the spring with singing around a bonfire. The tradition is based on the pagan feast, but has later been associated with the cult of the holy Valborg, fighting against witches and evil spirits, which occurred after her death in 779th. Valborg was declared as a saint on May 1, and by that fact was connected her name with Germanic paganism at that date held spring festivals, as of the Christian faith over branded as witch assemblies.
In particular it was believed that the Walpurgis Night (between April 30 and May 1) witches was riding on broomsticks or male goats at the old high places, especially at Blocksberg.
The highest point of the Harz mountains, by the amazing scene "Walpurgisnacht" in Goethe's Faust), and there was mischief in the party of the devil. To disarm spirits they brought loud noise (with the cry, shot and horns) and lit fires on the hills. Such result was that the Christian future taking over the origin of these pagan spring traditions.

Photo: TA, May 2008
Session: WET!
Model and retouch: Anunnaki

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