Thursday, June 9, 2011

Vegetarian/Vegan, and proud!!!

For 1 1 / 2 weeks ago I was food poisoned, I have since had problems with abdominal pains. The stomach swells up and it hurts like hell. But i guess that I should be happy it is not ehec. As a vegetarian/Vegan I get to hear a lot about how dangerous it is to eat vegetables at this time.

EHEC (Escherichia coli) produces a toxin (poison) that is responsible for many of the symptoms of the disease symptoms.
Ruminants, particularly cattle, is the reservoir for VTEC. The infection can be spread through contact with these animals or with their manure, but also through contaminated food and water. Outbreaks have been described from many different types of foods, raw milk, unpasteurized apple cider, yogurt, lettuce, salami, salami, roast beef and hamburgers.
People have also become sick after outdoor in contaminated water or from drinking contaminated municipal water. Although infection from person to person occurs.
The incubation period is usually three to four days (one to eight days).

Often the disease begins with abdominal cramps and diarrhea, but rarely fever. Nausea and vomiting may occur. After two to three days the diarrhea can become blood-streaked. The disease normally resolves within a week. In approximately five percent of patients (especially children under five years old) developed HUS (Hemolytic-uremic syndrome), which occurs within two to 14 days. The kidney´s get damage with renal failure as a result. The blood platelets, can sink so low that bleeding occurs. HUS often requires intensive care and dialysis.

In 2011, there have been a major outbreak in northern Germany with a rare variant, EHEC 104th. The outbreak has also resulted in some cases among returning tourists from several European countries. Of those infected has significantly more than expected suffered from severe symptoms.
In Germany, more than 2,000 cases reported EHEC and nearly 700 cases of HUS and about 20 death are reported. In Sweden about fifty people became ill, of which about one-third have developed the complication of HUS and one died.

The source of infection is suspected to be raw vegetables, investigation underway. BUT...

EU's gigantic animal farms provide manure-leakage and damage Ehec- bacteria on vegetables.
Common garden fertilizers can be infected by EHEC bacteria. This is according to researchers at the National Veterinary Institute SVA, Uppsala, which is now urging people to be careful when handling cow fertilized earth.

So I ask myself. Is it so bad to be a vegetarian, if the animal farms make people sick??? I think the blame is to see in the farming politics.
In my opinion, people should eat less meat and make sure to buy meat from farms where animals are known to non-mainstream products.

Vegetarian sausage works quite well :-)

Photo: Dick Andersson, 2011
Set: Camp SG, on SuicdeGirls at August 12, 2011

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