Monday, July 4, 2011

Car Accident

Today when I went home from the Peace & Love festival, it was suddenly a stop in the middle of the road. All cars had to stand still and wait for about 2 hours.

People around told me that it was an accident a little further up the road. So I sat in my car and surfed a bit on the phone and did not care so much about it. But I guess everyone was a little bored of waiting around so long in the traffic jam. But what can you do. Luckily we have wireless networks nowadays.

When the traffic started to move I realized how incredibly long the traffic jam had been. I drove around 10.5 (english) miles until I saw the accident.

It's hard to describe...
We're curious as humans and if you see an accident, then you think "oh so terrible", but you keep on looking curiously at what has happened. Strange!
I wish that I had not looked, the sight affected me very strongly. In the distance I could see two cars that was totally wrecked. Which I had expected. But what touched me most was that one of cars had a missing back door from the side i came from, and inside and outside there were pieces of a child car seat completely destroyed and dirty. A sting in the heart began to feel really horrible. A CHILD SEAT.
When my daughter was between 1-3 years, she sat in a just exact same model with the same kind of fabric.
When I bought it, they told me that it was the safest car seat for children on the market and I felt safe with it for her. Now when I saw a seat like that completely destroyed, I had a huge awakening of how fragile we are and what risk we expose ourselves in when we are in traffic. I found it hard to hold back the tears and it felt like I would vomit. I hope that everyone in the car accident made ​​it safe and sound.
It taught me something and i hope you all who are driving are careful.

Please take care of each other out there...

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