Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Peace and Love 2011 post 1

Now the Peace & Love festival is 2011 over :( I really love that festival. It is a happy festival with a constant message: Diversity, Community and Understanding.
This year I worked at Trigger as i have been doing for the last three years. Its great to be there and meet new and old friends. I only wish I had more time to really talk to all and see more bands. This year I saw lots of bands :-)

Mia Mästerbo at Boomtown.

Linus-Ullrika working hard at the incheck :)

Volbeat, Thomas Bredahl


I ran in to an old friend of mine. Stephan at Swedishmerch.

Asta Kasks

I usally dont listen to hip hop or rap, but i really like hip hop or rap but i Love Timbuktu.

I went to a seminar about world conspiracy´s, which was held by the magazine Expo. I like what Expo do (it's an anti-racist magazine). But the lecturer was not well-read and very poor. Too bad because I had been looking forward to a nice lecture...



Blogger tells me my post from the Peace and Love festival is to long :( So I will make 2 post of it....

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