Saturday, July 16, 2011


I have been on a mini vacation in Stockholm this week. I stayed at the Scandic Hotel Foresta, Lidingö. In the tower was the suite and it was a wonderful view over the city.

I love to sit on the balcony and look out over the city. All people looks like busy ants. This is from the first evening when i arrived.

My glass is empty :-(

While I was in Stockholm I took the opportunity to go to some museums and exhibitions that was both exciting and fun.

This is outside The National Museum of Science and Technology.

This is me and my clones.

So many great places that i wish i could make a photo shot at ;-P

At NASA's exhibition- A Human Adventure. I really think you should go if you get the opportunity.

This is at The Swedish Museum of Natural History were I look at the exhibition on dinosaurs (and get eaten by a giant sea dino). I also saw the movie Flying Monsters 3D

The exhibition about the human body was really fun. They had fun experiments you could do, but because the exhibition was for kids, people looked strange when I jumped around and played :-) (well I had a great time in there;)

If I kiss the toad, maybe he becomes a prince.

Try not judge too much ... This is before morning coffee. I'm not fond of early mornings. I'm trying to slowly come to life before I was away on a shopping trip in the Old town and Drottninggatan (Queen Street).

That was my little mini vacation to Stockholm...


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