Saturday, July 9, 2011

Mesh Gown

Yesterday I was in Gothenburg and was at the filming on movie Cockpit again. To get there in time i had to get up at 03.30am :-S I felt sick drunk all day because i didnt get more than just a few hours sleep.
Once I got there the others had not all arrived and I had to wait a while before we got hold of everyone. I hate when people say they will come and then they dont give a shit in it because it is not convenient for them. How convenient is it to sit and wait for people???
After we finished around 16.30fm it was the traffic jams from hell to get out from Gothenburg. Hurray what fun. Luckily they've Bandit rock on the radio so I could get some great music in the car while i was waiting and waiting...
Once I got home I was so tired that I felt that cooking was not an option. Went and bought the pizza, put on my "night suit" and threw myself on the couch watching TV.

Photo: Alf Andersen, 2011
Session: Mesh Gown

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