Thursday, August 11, 2011


Now I had another pain attack on a holiday in Värmland, while I was visiting my mom. Just like last year, but this time i didnt end up at the hospital (at least i hope i wont, Im still in pain).
The pain is so intense that I just collapsed and cant move. I am clear in my head but can not talk, but slurs up something and no one understands what I say.
This time it came fast. I sat and drove the car and suddenly it felt like someone hit me in the head with a cudgel.
I stopped the car and went into a super market to buy me a energy drink. caffeine and sugar can sometimes help. But in the super market I sank down, I managed to find a bench that I could sit on.
Two nice cops came and tried to help me. I guess someone thought I was drunk or under the influence of something else, so they called the police. They were very nice, but what could they do?
I had to call my aunt and her husband so they could come and help me.

I want nothing more than get rid of these attacks. It is very tiring and I feel very Sick,bad and confused for several days afterwards.

Photo: Jörgen Storm, 2011

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