Monday, August 29, 2011

See the invisible- By John Ash

Big Ben- John Ash

John Ash want you to see the invisible. His exhibition will focus on the beauty that surrounds us, but we do not see. John want people to take pause in their daily lives and really look at the beauty that is all around us.
You can also find some darkness in his artistic photos, which he finds very beautiful.

He use photography to express himself and it is an art form that fits him well. Every picture he publish to the public tell´s a story for the viewer.

Lady of the lake- John Ash

I urge you to take part in Johns artistic world and go and visit his exhibition at Lenas Art and Cuisine (United Kingdom), 1 - 31 October

John Ash Photoblog
John Ash Photos for sale
John Ash Facebook

Hospital corridor- John Ash

I wish him the best of luck on this exhibition in U.K.

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