Thursday, September 29, 2011

On my lips

Today we had a test in Social Studies in my class. It was a bit out-spaced questions which the answer should contain facts and my point of view. I wrote eight pages about 1700-century industrialism, Wahhabi and Western democracy. It is a very interesting class. I think the test went well, and I´m holding my thumbs for that I´m right about it.

After that I went down town for a bit of lunch at Subway. I love their vegetarian sandwiches. Wile sitting eating, I thought to my self that i should buy my self something special. And I thought why not get rid of my angry wrinkle. I went
in to the beauty Shop (Alfa beauty) and came out with something more :-)

They are a bit swollen and blue at the moment. But it will settle in a few days. I have big lips normally so I didn't do much. i don´t wanna over do it. It was mostly for fun and I wanted to try something new. AND it was painful like hell. So i wont do it again....

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