Thursday, September 8, 2011

Playboy- Miss Social contest

I ask for your help to win some votes in the Playboy Miss social contest. I would need all of your votes to stand a chance with all the beauties in that contest.

The contest is now open and you just have to click on the "here" and then click on vote for Anunnaki. There should be three love hearts beneath the picture with figures beside them. Click in the heart to award that amount of votes ♥ You can also earn more votes by invite more people (and I dont mind you give my link away ;-P ).

I also hope you will vote for me every day. You get more voting points every time you log in and even more if you send out invites.
So you are welcome back to vote everyday.

I know that I torment you by harping on votes. It's actually only you who can help me. So please help me spread the word out by putting this link on your facebook:

Photo: Alf Andersen, 2011
Session: Pink

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