Sunday, October 30, 2011

Robb´s Tattoo

Yesterday I was visiting Robb´s Tattoo in Oskarshamn. So the "Gipsy's"girls I'm long after so long are now in my skin. He did a great job and I´m happy that I went cost to cost.

Work in progress. Before the pain ;-P

The lines on the first woman is getting ready.

Now you can see the tattoo

Robb is working...

...and getting a great satisfaction in giving me some pain :-S

Gypsygirl on the left leg.

Gypsygirl on the right leg.

This is me and Robb. I´m so pleased with my girls on my legs. They are awesome.

Robb´s Tattoo

Hamngatan 25
57200 Oskarshamn
Friday, October 28, 2011

Costume time

I´m one of those childish people who just LOVE Halloween. I love to try out different outfits and I would love to buy them all. This is the time when it is ok to wear a costume without people think you are weird.
Therefor I Believe I have the greatest job in the world. Being a model is all about wearing several costumes and get in to the character, almost like an actor/actress.
I do lots of photo-series. When I do a session, I want the series to have a story line or a twist.
Next week I will present to you, some new session in the category "horror". I have done some photosessions that will be perfect for next week. I hope you will enjoy them.

...and yes, I do love to wear different costumes...

Photo: Björn Lundberg, 2011
Model & graphics: Anunnaki
This shot is taken at "Blåkoppen" in Strängnäs.
Wednesday, October 19, 2011

School time

The fall is here and it will soon become colder and one morning it will be a white world outside. I dont like when it is cold. Specially not when I have to get up in the morning. I´m one of those people who likes to lie in a warm bed.
Some days are unfortunately really early. I have to be at school at eight a clock in the morning.
This semester I´m taking an extra English course. I know i need it :-S and i hope it will be easier for you all to read my blog. I sometimes use the Swedish grammar when i write English. I´m happy that so many of you understand my Swenglish (or haven´t complained to mush)....
At the moment we do a Author report. I have chosen to write about Charlaine Harris.

Charlaine Harris was born 1951 in Tunica, Mississippi, in the south USA. She was up to recently a pastor in her hometown church in southern Arkansas where she lives with her husband, three children and as she herself says: "a House full of rescue dogs."
Charlaine has been writing mystery novels for over thirty years, published for the first time in 1981 with Sweet and Deadly. A secret rage was her next published work in 1984 before a five year long break after the birth of her first child.

In 1990 she got the first book in the Aurora Teagarden series published and it ended containing eight books. The series was a kind of murder mystery novel series starring Aurora Teagarden a professional Liberian in Georgia.
The next novel series was published in 1996 and is a five part series with a darker mystery feel to it. This series is named Lily Bard or the Shakespeare series after the girl Lily Bard in the books or Shakespeare after where it´s set, in Shakespeare, Arkansas.
Her most famous and her most recent work is The Southern Vampire Mysteries series about Sookie Stackhouse, who is a telepathic waitress who lives in Northern Louisiana. In the first book Sookie meets and later falls in love with her neighbor, the vampire Bill Compton. This is the books that the TV-serie True Blood by Alan Ball was based on.

I will also do a book report of her latest book in the "The Southern Vampire Mysteries series". Dead reckoning is the eleventh book in the series and I hope it is just as good as the others.

Perhaps I should do a "Sookie" or a vampire photoshot? What do you think?

Photo: Jörgen Storm, 2011
Model & Graphics: Anunnaki
Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Your Mistress

Photo: Andreas Andersson
Session: Your Mistress, 2011
Model & graphics: Anunnaki

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Klubb Cherry Bomb- Miss Emm Design

It is almost a week ago since I were in Norrköping modeling for Miss Emm in Norrköping. It was really fun and a crazy evening.
Here are some photos from last Friday at Miss Emm´s home and at Klubb Cherry Bomb.

Sara Larsson and Elisabeth Barm

Klara Rocking and me (Anunnaki) getting ready for the catwalk.

Sweet as candy, Klara Rocking at klubb Cherry Bomb.

The photographer Öyvind Wilberg and Miss Emm

A close up on my cool hair :-)

Haha!!!!!! A crazy young woman bite my nail off on the catwalk.

Photo: Öyvind Wilberg
I was first out on the catwalk.

Photo: Öyvind Wilberg
The red top is made by Miss Emm, the skirt belongs to me and it is made by another Emelie.

Photo: Öyvind Wilberg
Black top with red skulls on.

Photo: Öyvind Wilberg
Having a blast on the catwalk.

Photo: Öyvind Wilberg
Blue dress with tattoo patterns in the fabric. I love this one.

Photo: Öyvind Wilberg
Showing some of the pink petticoat.

Photo: Öyvind Wilberg
From the left: Sarah Eckardt,Emma Trysberg, Anunnaki Andersson, Laura Marken,, Miss Emm, Klara Rocking,
Photo: Öyvind Wilberg
Sara Larsson, Elisabet Bam Persson

Photo: Öyvind Wilberg
Miss Emm and me after the show.
Sunday, October 9, 2011

Madonna is still a goddess

Regardless if Madonna is nude or not. Shows her body with or without photoshoped photos. Or if she is or not wearing make-up. She is still the most gorgeous woman on earth.

The images that is circulating on the net is taken during a shoot for W magazine three years ago (2008). The photos is showing the then-50-year-old Pop-goddess with no make-up, in a blond wig, black knickers and a transparent, skincoloured bra as she sits on a couch.

Another shot shows her topless reflection in a mirror as she changes into a black dress.

The pictures, which hit the web on Thursday (06Oct11), were snapped as Madonna prepared for a photoshoot.

As a model I can tell you that all models prepare for photoshoots, we do not were make-up before the shoot and we do run around naked during the sets to change clothes. AND WE ARE NOT PHOTOSHOPED IN REAL LIFE.
It is really pissy and not professional by the photographer to leak this out. This sorts of photos are private between the model and the photographer.

Luckily for Madonna she still is a goddess...

Monday, October 3, 2011

Klubb Cherry Bomb

Hey everyone in the cyberworld.

On Friday, Sara Larsson, Klara Rocking and I are going to Norrköping to participate in a catwalk for Emelie Gustavsson also called Miss Emm. We will be at klubb Cherry Bomb, Zwaki-dan Blå Huset, Sjötullsgatan in Norrköping.

Here is the event on Facebook.

Klara Rocking and Sara Larsson was also participating in the Hammerfall- One more time video. That was the first time I meet those lovely Lady`s. We also meet in the making of the movie "Cockpit" this summer.

This photo belongs to Felicia Von Grotesque

Standing from the left; Annica Jonsson, Tola Solum L, Klara Rocking, Sara Larsson och Evilyn Frantti.
Siting from the left: Anunnaki Andersson, Felicia Von Grotesque

I hope to see you all in Norrköping on Friday...
Sunday, October 2, 2011

When the light goes down in the city...

It´s long time after bedtime, but I sit here in my couch cuddling and having a great time. Even got candles to get the coziness in right mood. Fall can really bring out the nicest times. I´m about to lock at Dark Angel, if you remember it. Jessica Alba as a genetically-enhanced superwoman in James Cameron´s TV-series.

Photo: Jörgen Storm, 2011
Session: Dragbike
Model & Graphics: Anunnaki

I also would like to draw your attention to this horrible photo. I saw this on facebook and got all revolted of those guy´s. If you see this people; report them to the police. If I had recognized one of these creep´s, i would have locked them inside a small room, where nobody can hear them scream and then tortured them for long time.


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