Monday, October 3, 2011

Klubb Cherry Bomb

Hey everyone in the cyberworld.

On Friday, Sara Larsson, Klara Rocking and I are going to Norrköping to participate in a catwalk for Emelie Gustavsson also called Miss Emm. We will be at klubb Cherry Bomb, Zwaki-dan Blå Huset, Sjötullsgatan in Norrköping.

Here is the event on Facebook.

Klara Rocking and Sara Larsson was also participating in the Hammerfall- One more time video. That was the first time I meet those lovely Lady`s. We also meet in the making of the movie "Cockpit" this summer.

This photo belongs to Felicia Von Grotesque

Standing from the left; Annica Jonsson, Tola Solum L, Klara Rocking, Sara Larsson och Evilyn Frantti.
Siting from the left: Anunnaki Andersson, Felicia Von Grotesque

I hope to see you all in Norrköping on Friday...

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