Sunday, October 9, 2011

Madonna is still a goddess

Regardless if Madonna is nude or not. Shows her body with or without photoshoped photos. Or if she is or not wearing make-up. She is still the most gorgeous woman on earth.

The images that is circulating on the net is taken during a shoot for W magazine three years ago (2008). The photos is showing the then-50-year-old Pop-goddess with no make-up, in a blond wig, black knickers and a transparent, skincoloured bra as she sits on a couch.

Another shot shows her topless reflection in a mirror as she changes into a black dress.

The pictures, which hit the web on Thursday (06Oct11), were snapped as Madonna prepared for a photoshoot.

As a model I can tell you that all models prepare for photoshoots, we do not were make-up before the shoot and we do run around naked during the sets to change clothes. AND WE ARE NOT PHOTOSHOPED IN REAL LIFE.
It is really pissy and not professional by the photographer to leak this out. This sorts of photos are private between the model and the photographer.

Luckily for Madonna she still is a goddess...

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