Sunday, October 2, 2011

When the light goes down in the city...

It´s long time after bedtime, but I sit here in my couch cuddling and having a great time. Even got candles to get the coziness in right mood. Fall can really bring out the nicest times. I´m about to lock at Dark Angel, if you remember it. Jessica Alba as a genetically-enhanced superwoman in James Cameron´s TV-series.

Photo: Jörgen Storm, 2011
Session: Dragbike
Model & Graphics: Anunnaki

I also would like to draw your attention to this horrible photo. I saw this on facebook and got all revolted of those guy´s. If you see this people; report them to the police. If I had recognized one of these creep´s, i would have locked them inside a small room, where nobody can hear them scream and then tortured them for long time.

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