Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bloody shit

I got the flu the day after I got my new tattoo. Now I can see it has been infected. FUCK, FUCK!!!
The guy who made it told me to put Vaseline and plastic wrap on for 4 days. I´m not a nurse or doctor, but I know that a wound need air.
I read that aloe vera is good to use, but i dont know. I stop use Hellosan. Which a lot of people on the net is warning about, because it is to grease and can make infections.
I´m still very sick and I cant get to a doctor. But I also read that doctors dont know how to treat infected tattoos. Some even put alco on, which can bleach the colors.
In other country's you can buy antibiotic cream. I guess that is what I need now. But I cant get that in Sweden.
Do you have any recommendations?

The flu is killing me at the moment. But I felt a bit better to day. I cant speak, I sound like a crow then i try to get any sound out. The fever is a bit better, but not gone.

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Anonymous said...

for god's sake, do the artist have any knowledge about the healing at all?? you shouldn't use plastic for more than the time it takes for it to stop bleeding, and for god's sake, don't use vaseline. I should, even though the risk to bleach the colors a tiny bit, wash it properly with something antiseptic... The pharmacy in sweden have a lot of that stuff, Dettol is good for that purpose, doesn't sting the way that alcohol do but makes it clean. then use an antiseptic ointment as Bepanthen or Helosan. please, feel free to keep me and the other readers updated as the healing goes on.


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