Sunday, January 22, 2012

New tattoo at Robb´stattoo

I got a new tattoo at Robb´stattoo. I was under the needle for 6 hours and in the end it was really starting to hurt. We didn't finished it this time. I will let it heal before we continue it. This is how it looks so far...

I came home after 4am in the morning and got to bed about 5am :-S. Almost right after I got home I started to have strange feeling in my throat. Today I woke up with no voice and a fever. I had felt a sleep in my PJ/ onepiece/ jumpsuit. And some of the plastic that was on the tattoo had moved during the night. So the fabric was all stuck in the new tattoo :-S I had to take a shower to remove it (now I done that to ;-).
Anyway, during the day I been worse. More fever and the tattoo is burning in my skin. I sincerely hope im not allergic to any colors in it.

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Anonymous said...

Of the explanation of how you are feeling it seems like you got an infection during the tattoo-session, is it feeling any better?


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