Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Empty rooms

Photo: Dick Andersson, 2011
Session: Empty rooms

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Anonymous said...

Good evening, I just read your blog and just wanted to say I'm sorry you had such a bad day yesterday. I can't imagine who or what made you feel so down on yourself. I have known you for 4 years now at least and in that time I have followed your work,your blogs and I think your an amazing person. You work very hard for your family, your modeling,going to school,taking care of your children in my opinion you deserve to spoil yourself if you can don't let anyone say or make you feel different. As far as your medical conditions go I can't begin to imagine what you go through but I do feel for you and wish I had some answers that could help. Just know that there are people out here that think you are an amazing person and you are very important to more people than you know. Well I wish I could do more for you but I'm half a world away from you so I'll just keep you in my thoughts and pray things get better for you take care my friend and keep up the good work


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