Monday, March 26, 2012

My tripp to Umeå, fantasyland of Nauclerdesign latex.

I took the flight to Umeå on Friday and Niklas Carlsson met me at the airport and we drove to he´s job. I took a little sightseeing in the city, just to check it out. It is a pretty town, I can tell. There was a lot of "young" people out looking for their friends, planing their weekend, just like in any city on a Friday afternoon.
After a Hour or so we went i Kulturföreningen Kretsen to meet up with Kari Berg and some of Nik´s friends. We planed some some sessions for Saturday and we all fell a sleep...

Saturday. I was both Model and Make-up artist for me and Kari. I must say I´m proud over my work. You just have to wait to see the photos :-) They are a bit of a secret yet, but I hope you will like them when time comes...
All I say at the moment is that I LOVE NAUCLÉR DESIGN... The dresses was just awesome, amazing and stunning. All woman should own a latex dress made by Sophie Nauclèr.

This is me trying one of Nauclér design magnificent dresses on my body (Im in love with this dress and i wish i could buy it). I dont want show any photos from the shots, so i took a photo wile trying dresses on.... Go in and "like" her work on facebook.

On Sunday Nik and I shot 2 extra session in a steampunk- fantasy theme. The make-up both on me and Kari was made by me. And her´s was more than COOL. Perhaps not much make-up as styling, but I got to torturing her eye once more...

On Saturday wile i was helping Kari cut her wig, I kind a stabbed her with a scissor right in her eye :-S and on Sunday wile we were putting make-up on her some eyeliner color got in to her eye. Not that I put the eyeliner in her eye, but it kind a flow in ;-P You might understand when you see her fantastic photos.
You should go in on facebook and "like" both Nikdesign and Kari Berg. Thy are both fantastic and I cant wait to work with them both again.

I made my nails all by myself the day before i went to Umeå. How do you like them? Mjauuu ;-P
Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Time flyes by...

To day it´s my birthday, and I was thinking of all the photoshots that lead me to were I am to day as a model.

My first session in 2007 photo by Mattias Nilsson Madcap piktures at a hotel in Västerås

Later that year (in June) I got my Bachelor in Textile science, making a remake of a cloth from 12th century by analyzing the fabrics. I made some photos for the exhibition for people to see it.

In 2008 i sign my first model release for some sight in USA. It felt so big at the time. I´was so happy and I still am. Those people I met then are still great friends.

Here is a photo by Mattias Nilsson from marsh 14- 2008 for the metaldolls

I also got in contact with the Suicide girls at this time and tried for the first time to make a set in July. This is Skate. I never even put it to MR. I knew it sucked... So why even bother... :-S

In September I made a new set and it was in MR dec 21 2008, Lady of the forest :-D

Through SG I met lots of nice people.
Here is a set called "on tour", Photo: Nemesis Suicide (A fantastic girl).

I also had the chance to meet Embla. We made a set with Dick Andersson, but we took it down when Embla left SG :-(

I also got a chance to meet Key Suicide a twice and here is a photo from our SGparty in Gbgg 2009.

Nekta, Norma, Key and Anunnaki.

2009 thing were starting to go a bit better with the modeling. I got a chance to met new photographers who helped me a lot. This made me more comfortable in front of the camera and I learned how to model ;-P

Photo by PeterM April 2009 (the day before i got my chest tattoo). The session is called "Before the dawn" (a song by Judas priest, which the photographer liked ;-)

...and I met Jan Monsen In October and shot "Sirens call" to make your spin crawl :-)

I also made a poster for a lovely guy called Johannes. He played guitar in the metalband call Wolf.

This is the beginning of my modeling. In 2010/2011 I started working more professional and got to work with lots of wonderful photographers. It´s been a privilege to work with them all....

Photo: Alf Andersson
Session: Anunnaki goes Ilsa the prison Guard, 2011

Photo: Jörgen Storm, 2011
Session: Harley Star
Monday, March 19, 2012

Cold winter in Sweden

Tomorrow it is the first official day of the spring. Mars 20 are the vernal equinox and also my birthday :-)

Here are three winterphotos to celebrate that winger is going away...

Photo: Janne Wiberg, 2012
Session Cold Winter in Sweden
Model & Graphics: Anunnaki
Saturday, March 17, 2012

Martin TZR Niklasson

Yesterday I was in Gothenburg shoting some photos with Martin TZR Niklasson. This is one of the photos we did. You should really check out his other photos and his facebook.

Photo& Graphics: Martin TZR Niklasson, 2012
Mask: M45, USA. Owned by Martin.
Model: Anunnaki
Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I was in Uddevalla this weekend and shot some sessions for homepage. I always love to work with Jörgen. He is just adorable.

Here is an old session from June 2011, called Drain.
The last photo is my personal favorite in this session.

Photo: Jörgen Storm, 2011
Session: Drain
Model: Anunnaki
Thursday, March 8, 2012

Under a blood red sun

This photo is taken on a balcony at Lidingö in Stockholm, summer 2011.
Session: Under a blood red sky

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Tokill4, new clothes

Last Thursday I went to Judith to pick up some clothes to model in, For her company I met two other super cool models Like Emily Pollution Macgregor and Sabina "Dementhia" Andersson. Had a great time there, tying on some new corsets and ate some cookies.

Here are some of the cool stuff that i got to model in.

This babes are patent shoes in my taste....

Sugar sweet pink babydoll. Really pretty. Laced like a ballet shoe.

The gray is a corset and the red is an UB (under-bust) with crucifixes. I will go Buffy the vampire slayer.

Another army corset this cool details.

Mjauu, Im catwoman.....

Old styled corset in red and black. So beautiful.

Rococo inspired corset in midnight blue velvet with black lace. FANTASTIC corset.

UB, in a sexy librarian or secretary style.

No worries. Its not real leather,, do not support animal abuse...
This is one of the coolest corsets i have ever had on my body (yet).

Some super cute hats.

I´m so happy for making this sessions...
Saturday, March 3, 2012

All by my self, I wanna be....

Photo: Roger Ottosson, 2012
Session: One of this day´s
Model: Anunnaki


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