Monday, March 26, 2012

My tripp to Umeå, fantasyland of Nauclerdesign latex.

I took the flight to Umeå on Friday and Niklas Carlsson met me at the airport and we drove to he´s job. I took a little sightseeing in the city, just to check it out. It is a pretty town, I can tell. There was a lot of "young" people out looking for their friends, planing their weekend, just like in any city on a Friday afternoon.
After a Hour or so we went i Kulturföreningen Kretsen to meet up with Kari Berg and some of Nik´s friends. We planed some some sessions for Saturday and we all fell a sleep...

Saturday. I was both Model and Make-up artist for me and Kari. I must say I´m proud over my work. You just have to wait to see the photos :-) They are a bit of a secret yet, but I hope you will like them when time comes...
All I say at the moment is that I LOVE NAUCLÉR DESIGN... The dresses was just awesome, amazing and stunning. All woman should own a latex dress made by Sophie Nauclèr.

This is me trying one of Nauclér design magnificent dresses on my body (Im in love with this dress and i wish i could buy it). I dont want show any photos from the shots, so i took a photo wile trying dresses on.... Go in and "like" her work on facebook.

On Sunday Nik and I shot 2 extra session in a steampunk- fantasy theme. The make-up both on me and Kari was made by me. And her´s was more than COOL. Perhaps not much make-up as styling, but I got to torturing her eye once more...

On Saturday wile i was helping Kari cut her wig, I kind a stabbed her with a scissor right in her eye :-S and on Sunday wile we were putting make-up on her some eyeliner color got in to her eye. Not that I put the eyeliner in her eye, but it kind a flow in ;-P You might understand when you see her fantastic photos.
You should go in on facebook and "like" both Nikdesign and Kari Berg. Thy are both fantastic and I cant wait to work with them both again.

I made my nails all by myself the day before i went to Umeå. How do you like them? Mjauuu ;-P

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