Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Time flyes by...

To day it´s my birthday, and I was thinking of all the photoshots that lead me to were I am to day as a model.

My first session in 2007 photo by Mattias Nilsson Madcap piktures at a hotel in Västerås

Later that year (in June) I got my Bachelor in Textile science, making a remake of a cloth from 12th century by analyzing the fabrics. I made some photos for the exhibition for people to see it.

In 2008 i sign my first model release for some sight in USA. It felt so big at the time. I´was so happy and I still am. Those people I met then are still great friends.

Here is a photo by Mattias Nilsson from marsh 14- 2008 for the metaldolls

I also got in contact with the Suicide girls at this time and tried for the first time to make a set in July. This is Skate. I never even put it to MR. I knew it sucked... So why even bother... :-S

In September I made a new set and it was in MR dec 21 2008, Lady of the forest :-D

Through SG I met lots of nice people.
Here is a set called "on tour", Photo: Nemesis Suicide (A fantastic girl).

I also had the chance to meet Embla. We made a set with Dick Andersson, but we took it down when Embla left SG :-(

I also got a chance to meet Key Suicide a twice and here is a photo from our SGparty in Gbgg 2009.

Nekta, Norma, Key and Anunnaki.

2009 thing were starting to go a bit better with the modeling. I got a chance to met new photographers who helped me a lot. This made me more comfortable in front of the camera and I learned how to model ;-P

Photo by PeterM April 2009 (the day before i got my chest tattoo). The session is called "Before the dawn" (a song by Judas priest, which the photographer liked ;-)

...and I met Jan Monsen In October and shot "Sirens call" to make your spin crawl :-)

I also made a poster for a lovely guy called Johannes. He played guitar in the metalband call Wolf.

This is the beginning of my modeling. In 2010/2011 I started working more professional and got to work with lots of wonderful photographers. It´s been a privilege to work with them all....

Photo: Alf Andersson
Session: Anunnaki goes Ilsa the prison Guard, 2011

Photo: Jörgen Storm, 2011
Session: Harley Star

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