Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Never buy your car at Yourcar in Vänersborg

I' pretty upset over à carshop in Vänersborg (à small Town in Sweden). I Bought an older Second hand car from Yourcar AB.
I got there with My 2 kids... So when à lonley Woman with 2 kids comes inte store, have not much Knowledge of cars they DO NOt Tell the truth.
Before i bought it the sellsman told me to get back to them if there were any latent defects and they seemed so helpful.

After just 10 minutes that i had drove from the store, thats when the car got warm. The breaks got warm and Broke down. It was really scary, knowing My 2 children was sittning in the backseat. Suddenly, the car slammed on the brakes. The back wheel locked it self and it slammed like hell the rest of the way home. À ride that takes about 1 hour now tolk 5hours to get home. And I WAS MAD...

It was over 18.00pm so the Yourcar had closed for the day when the breaks broke. So there were no help to get.
I had plans the following day, going to the Madonna concert, finding baby sitters getting to Gothenburg and all. So I had no time to call.
So.... 3 days after I bought the car my man called them. He wasnt rud or anything. Just calling to ask how or what they could do to help.

We told the owner on Yourcar, that the brakes broke down just right after the car left the shop. He them told us, that this was now our shitty car and no loger his problem. He also told us in à very rud way; that i had bought à crapy car, and i should had known that. If i wasnt happy i should go to the The National Board for Consumer Disputes. Most sellsmen do it like this, just because no one really have the guts to report them.
But guess what. Yourcar suck, and i Will never give them any good recommendations. Them sell just shit, they do NOT take any responsibilities, they didnt even ask if i and My kids was ok after we told them the breaks borke down on the freeway. We could had died, or gotten really hurt. But the owner just didnt care.
Im not joking, this is true. I didnt thought à company dared to do so this days. But i guess they whant lots of bad publicity.
Never buy à car at Yourcar AB in Vänersborg....


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